A partial listing of Clients of KBRS.
(All names used with permission. Listed in alphabetical order of company name.)

Company Name Contact Type of Service
Mr. Bill Henderson
"Alone" Audio CD, Cassette Duplication
Mr. David Hunt Cheer Routine Editing/Assembly
Mr. Gary Hurt "Plenty For Everyone" Audio CD Duplication
AVA Productions Mr. Bud Osborne Audio Cassette Duplication
Christ Lutheran Church,
Terre Haute, IN
Dr. Larry Reck
Audio Cassette & Audio CD Duplication
Consolidated Music Services
Mr. Darrell Day Audio CD Duplication
Dental Restorative Solutions Dr. Randolph Shoup Audio Cassette Duplication, Albums
Express Kids
Mrs. Elaine Akermann Audio Cassette Duplication
The Greenleaf Center
Ms. Julie Yancich Beggs Audio Cassette Duplication, Albums
Indiana Land Title Association, Inc.
Ms. Diana Nichols Seminar Recording / Audio Cassette Duplication, Albums
Indiana State University Dr. John Boyd,
Dept. of Music
On - location digital audio recording
Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra
Mr. Stewart Arfman,
Former Principal Double Bass
On Location Recording, CD Duplication
Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra
Ms. Linda Noble,
Education Program Manager
Audio Cassette Duplication, Compact Disc Duplication
International Violin Competition of Indianapolis
Mr. Glen Kwok,
Executive Director
RDAT to Compact Disc Transfer, Duplication
On Location Digital Recording, Upload to music sharing site
Motivation Dance By Bruce Mr. Bruce Campbell Dance Routine Editing/Assembly
New Perspectives of Indiana, Inc.
Mrs. Janice Gabe Audio Cassette Duplication
Planting Ground Productions Mr. Douglas Dillon Audio Cassette and Audio CD Duplication
Presentation Services at the Omni Severin Hotel
Mr. Sean O'Neil
Convention Audio Recording, On Site Duplication,
Albums, Mail-order Fulfillment
Spring Mill Quartet Anne McCafferty Audio Cassette and CD Duplication
Shoup's Country Foods, Inc.
Ms. Amy Shoup Mennen Data (video) CD Duplication
Zionsville Engineering, Inc.
Mr. Paul Haeck Data (video) CD Duplication

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