Equipment Listing:

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Compact Disc Duplication Gear:  

MediaForm® 5900 Burner Tower
Rimage Perfect Image® Thermal Disc Printer (not pictured)

Editing Gear:  

Custom configured PC with Digital Audio Labs Card Deluxe® I/O card, running Sonic Foundry Sound Forge® software.


Sony® TCD-D10 Pro Portable R-DAT Recorder
Fostex® CR200 Compact Disc Recorder
Tascam® 122 MK III Audio Cassette Recorder
Marantz® PMD222 Portable Audio Cassette Recorder
Otari® MX-5050 Open Reel Recorder
Miscellaneous Cassette Decks.


Technics® SL-1500MK2 Turntable (Yes, a turntable!)
Marantz® PMD320 Compact Disc Player
Outboard EQ, limiting, patch bays, Amplifiers, Speakers, etc...

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