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Ken Bandy kj9b at arrl.net
Thu Sep 17 07:55:47 EDT 2009

I received this yesterday.  Anyone interested in vintage gear, or perhaps
even the USS Indianapolis gang, may want to look through this.

Auction Information	 	
Auctioneer	 Dan Orr Auctions	 765-369-2418	
Auction Date	 Oct 03	 Auction
Location	 Women's Building
Jay County Fairgrounds
Portland, IN
tland%2C%20IN&Get+Map=Get+Map> Click to Map	
Time	 10:00AM	

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Public Auction

Saturday, Oct. 3, 2009

10:00 A.M. Indiana time

Location: Women's Building, Jay County Fairgrounds, Portland, IN

Antiques- Atwater Kent 1924 model 20 radio w/instruction book, Atwater Kent
model 35 radio, large  Atwater Kent antique speaker (excellent), old wood
radio w/Ch Lines Co. tubes, 3 M Executive microfilm reader and printer, 2
Western Union desk fax, Teletype Corp. model rec 29, Western Union Des. 42 x
24" (w/rolls of paper), Leeds/Northup Type S testing set.

Military Radio Equipment- 2 US Army remote control LERM 29 A, 2 Navy Dept.
Bureau of Ships electronic multimeter ME 68/U, Navy Dept. Bureau of Ships
Reiner electronics volt-0HM multimeter model OBQ, Navy leakage and limit
bridge Nord 25229, Navy 164 NAD crane (RCA), Navy Reiner Vac/0HM multimeter
NOD OBQ, Navy-ordnance test equip., Navy-Sub-Courier frequency intercom
repeller, Navy-Chrystal calibrated freq. indicating equip. model LM21, Navy
radio transmitter 626 remote(CEC), Navy 3 plates model TDE 3 (Farnsworth),
radio transmitters, Navy-Type CFN-52267-A radio transmitter, Type CFN 21850
motor generator and rectifier power unit, Collins T-217-A/GR transmitter,
Army- radio receiver BC348-Q (Wells-Gardner), Army Keyer-KY-127GG
(Waters/Conley), Army Keyer TG-34-B (Espey), Army- Test Oscillator TS
32C/TRC1 (utility), Signal Corps BE-77-A Voltmeter, T452-ARC-49, (Sylvania),
Army-electronic link engineers model HUF-DC, Navy-Collins 27128-SA, misc
military units, parts and cases.

Radio Testing Equipment- Aircraft Radio Corp. 9312, 7-91MC, Allen Battery
Calibrator, 2 Ameco Corp MC Model VFO-621, Ameco 2 and 6 Meter Transmitter
TX 62, antenna test equip., Arista handheld meter volts/ohms, Sun-Armature
tester Model AT 76, Atlas Dummy Load 300, Ballustrand Induction Deviation
and Ratio Bridge, Barnett multiplier kit 815/BU, Bendix Cardi-O-Mite
modular, Brubaker binary switch S 65, Cenco P38314 meter (new in box),
Clough-Brengle Co oscillator(9x9), Collins synthesizer-elect. Freq.
0937P-TrC86, measurements-Chrystal calibrator Model 111-B, Dixon transistor
tester, EICO Model 950B resistance, capacitance, comparator bridge (1965),
EICO 150 Solid State signal tracer, EICO Model 400 oscilloscope w/schematic,
EICO Tru VOHM Model 20A3, EICO Model 944 Flyback Transformer and Yoke
Tester, EICO voltage calibrator oscilloscope Model 495, EPL filtered DC
power supply Model D612T, Emico Model RF2 1/4C-2330FSK demodulator, Fluke
multimeter D-800, GE 1944 millivolt meter Type DP-2, GRC Impedance bridge,
Gertsch frequency meter Model FM3, Hamilton Radio Corp remote control
unit-CIH 23270-A, Hammerlund receiver, Heathkit FET/Transistor tester in
circuit out of circuit, Heathkit HMA10Z SWR sensor, Heathkit Model 1G52 TV
alignment generator, Heathkit-Model 10-12 Laboratory oscilloscope, Heathkit
oscilloscope 10-102 w/manual, Helper Inst. Co. Sinadder Model S 101, Herald
CB67 ref power filter w/meter, H.P. frequency meter, Hobart Bros voltmeter
Model 321-L, Hoyt Microamperes Model 17-3, Ideal-volts/rms,
International-Deviation Model 5008, International-C-125 frequency meter,
Jackson 641-A FM/AM universal signal generator, Bunnell windup key, EF
Johnson-250-38 Standing Wave Ratio Directional Coupler indicator, Knight
PZSWR1 power meter, Knight KG 630 oscilloscope, Knight voltmeter, Knight neg
DB pos DB 150 rms volts/ohms meter, Knight assembly maual for oscilloscope
KG-630-5, Lafayette voltmeter, Lafayette capacitor 995022, Lafayette 223
transistor analyzer, Lafayette Model TE 60, Lampkin FM modulation meter
205A, LRE CR substitution box (Model 995075), McGraw/Edison Crystal
calibrator Model 111, Marquette battery condition indicator, Motorola test
set -P8501-S, Motorola Mark 12 Model T14108, Multimeter-DS 297/U, National
VF0-62, Null detector filter, P+H linear amplifier LA400C, Phase meter
front, RCA VOLTOHMYST NTCKE 60177, RCA oscilloscope Cathode Ray, RCA signal
generator kit (new in box), Realistic sound level meter (in box), RME MC-55,
Regency signal booster, Sabronics Model 2000 volt meter, Sakura volts/amp/db
tester Model TR-4H, Sencore substitutor, Sico C.R. Bridge and Signal tracer
Model 76, Simpson voltmeter, Triquest mill amperes, Triplet-Tuner, TungSol
flasher tester.

Radios-Radio Parts-Supplies- Aerotron Aeronautical 600 FM base station,
Aerotron 100 W base station w/micro. and antenna (nice), Aerotron FM base
station, Aerotron Slimline, Aerotron transmitter/receiver, 6 Aerotron Model
600 series VHF/FM transceiver Type 6M13/U, 3 Aerotron 35 watt Slimline (in
case), Aerotron communication equipment, Aerotron Slimline w/unicall and
monitor switch, 2 Aerotron 50 watt Slimline 4 channel, Aerotron Dual charger
Model-154, 2 Aerotron 600 FM, 4 Aerotron communication equipment 2 channel,
7 Aerotron microphones, Aerotron Model 6N15/TVR (no back), Aerocom SIX
w/mic., 4 Aerotron Model 1203-2, Aerotron remote, Aerotron Slimline w/built
in unicall, Aerotron 700 W Slimline, Aerotron transistorized communication,
7 Aerotron unicall units, 5 Aerotron unicall units (new), 8 Aerotron 600
cases, 2 new Aero. 600 cases, 2 new Aerotron, 2 Aerotron Slimline 100 watt,
Afcom translator, communication specialists TE-64, ALTNA worldwide shortwave
(old), Ameco preamplifier, Ameco VHF convertor, Argonne key buzzer, 2 Astron
RS-12A, Azden computer controlled 2M FM transceiver Model PCS 5000, Bogen
input mixer preamplifier Model MXM, Calrad buzzer code practice set (in
box), Canadian Marconi DT 77 mobile radio, CG Electronics, Clegg 22-er,
Cobra CB radio (new), Collins AF33 switch (new in box), Comco radio, Courier
23, Courier Redball CB, Dominator, Dovetron teleprinter speed control Model
1000, Drake Low Pass TV interference inhibitor in coax, EF Johnson Model
239-204-1, Elenco power gainer compression amplifier, Elenco side winder, 2
Executive Model 100 A w/manual, Executive International, Federal Director
siren radio, GE mobile transmitter/receiver 4ES12C1, GE Luminous bulb
transformer 51G354, misc GE parts and units, 7 Genave Ecom 220 w/mic, Genave
comtronics, Genave GTX 800,  Genave Mobiline 1, Genave GTX 200, Genave GMT
125, Genave Mobilnet 1, Genave XMIT, Genave GMT 11D, Genave GHL 100, Genave
Power Supply Model PSI 10, Genave UHF Repeater w/copy of service manual,
Genave Comco 592, Globe Citizens Broadcaster, 2 Gonset G151 FM communicator,
Gonset unit w/squelch and volume, audio in/out, Hal Devices ST-6,
Hallicrafter Model SX 117, Hallicrafter 1965 CB7  Littlefone, Heathkit SSB
transceiver, Heathkit Daystrom Shawnee transmitter receiver, Heathkit Hybrid
Phone Patch  Model HD 15, 2 Heathkit RF power meter Model HM 102 w/manual, 2
Heathkit "Two-er" 2 meter transceiver w/assembly manual, 2 Heathkit cases
for "Two-er", 2 Heathkit visual aural signal tracer Model T3, Heathkit
receiver Model AR3, Heathkit shortwave receiver GR64, Heathkit power supply
Model HP13, Heathkit vibrator power supply Model GP11, 8 cases for Two-er
size radios, Heathkit AC power supply Model HP 23, Heathkit Model HA 201,
Heathkit Citizens Band transreceiver Model GW-10 w/mic, Irvin Citifone
transceiver CD5, JC Penney 40 channel CB, Knight Filter Choke (in box),
Knight Metal Plate w/knob attached (2), Lafayette Range Boost base station
desk mic., Lafayette encoder/decoder, Lafayette nickel cadmium battery
charger/eliminator, 4 Lafayette Priva-com V, Lafayette FM communication
receiver, Lafayette monitor scan DB-8, Lafayette transistorized mast mounted
TVFM booster, Lafayette battery charger, Lafayette linear amplifier HA 260,
Lincoln transistorized compressor amplifier, Link radio 2210 transmitter
receiver, Link radio frequency modulated transmitter 25U FM, Link Model
1B10, Motorola Model P, P and H Electronics Model 0FC1 audio compression
amplifier, Power System universal power base (new),  Power System power
adapter (new), Power System NEC P 200/300 (new), Power System Motorola
8000/9000 (new), Pyramid Base 3 Precision regulated DC power supply,
Philmore transmitter, 3 Philmore AC power supply, Quick Talk instant voice
notification radio (new), 2 radio receivers BC 348Q, Regency BTL301
transceiver, RF amplifier Model 7M100, RF amplifier Model 1075, 3 RF
amplifier units Model 6N100, RP synthesizer MSA 22, Raypar convertor Model
RP800, Variety of Ritron units (most new), Ritron Repeater Plus, Ritron RM4
microphone kit for RPM mobile, Ritron AIER PM-150 (new), Ritron programmable
RPM 450, 2 new Ritron JVX151's, 2 Ritron AIE 9QZDR452, Sears CB, Seely car
call, 2 Seneca transmitter Model VHF-1 (1 w/manual), Sentry Hi Bander,
Sentry audio components (new), Seventy-five radio, Spectra 700 magnetic
contactor, Spectra 700 overload relay, TA Hallmark 2-12, TECRAFT CasCode
converter VHF, TenTec SWR Model AC4 Tokyo Hy-Power, Magnolia Town and
Country transmitter, tuning coils, Venus tone transmitter, Viking-Johnson
6-2 meter converter, 2 Viking transmitter 6N2, Viking Messenger, Vocaline
radio transceiver JRC 400, Webster Band Spanner 412 radio, West Coast mobile
receiver, Willard charge preserver Model 12B, WRL radio Techceiver.

 Other and Misc.- Lot copper wire, 200 ft. RG 331 coax, 2 large spools of
8214 coax, lot hard coax, pagers, walkie talkie units and parts,
transformers (some new), soldering guns, various radio kits, AM/FM radio
parts, TV boosters, AC charger, rechargeable batteries, many small speakers,
lot small circuit boards, Turner, Shure, Pace, Cobra, Aerotron, Genave new
and used mics., Slanners, Capicitors, Clarostat replacement center (drawers
full of new parts), large variety of switches, knobs and bulbs, phone jacks,
filters, radio antennas, diodes, resistors, fuses, crystals, rectifiers,
regulators, transistors, rheostats, coils and chokes, coils (induction and
precision), radio towers, connector, Winegard TV-FM signal amplifier and
many many more electronic items. Including oer 500 tubes from all major
companies: GE, Sylvania, RCA, Raytheon, TungSol, Lafayette, Motorola,
Honeywell, to name a few.

Auctioneer's Note- Mr. Turner (Charlie) was renowned in East Central Indiana
and beyond for his expertise in amateur and 2 way radio repairs. He built
many of his own radios and sold many brands. He was a consultant to many
police, ambulance, and fire departments on setup and maintenance of their
radio systems. If you have an interest in radios and electronics, you do not
want to miss this sale. If you need parts or tubes for older style radios
you will likely find it here.


Charlie Turner Estate


Orr Auctions

Dan Orr #AU01027889
Ph. 765-369-2418

Dave Blackford                 #AU01049138
Cell 765-748-3702


Click on Orr Auctions at AuctionZip.com for pictures and more.



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