KBRS is an acronym for Kenneth Bandy Recording Services.  It is basically a "one-man shop" that was started in 1979 in Terre Haute, Indiana and a few years later moved to Indianapolis, Indiana.  After 20 years in Indianapolis, KBRS has moved to the western suburb of Brownsburg, Indiana, and still services all of Central Indiana!

Originally, KBRS concentrated on "on-location" live recordings of concerts and recitals on the Indiana State University Campus in Terre Haute. This was before the days of digital recording, so in order to get the highest quality recordings possible for an affordable cost, open reel recorders using ¼" tape recording half-track at 15 ips were utilized.  When folks wanted copies of their tapes, they would be done one at a time to another open reel deck, or if cassettes were desired, a hodge-podge of cassette decks were patched so that up to four (!) copies could be done in real time, one side at a time.

Thankfully, those days are behind us!  After a few years, it was realized that high quality audio cassette duplication was a logical next step to take with the business.  The decision was made to purchase a KABA real-time/double-time cassette duplication system (see equipment page).  With this system, high quality cassettes could be consistently duplicated, with a great time savings.

All throughout the history of KBRS, dance and cheer routines have been an important part of the business.  After years of manual "cut and splice" editing on open reel tape, routines are now assembled with a custom configured PC, using state-of-the-art software (see equipment page).   This aspect of the business has it's roots at Indiana State University, as well.  To this day, from working with some very talented choreographers, some great dance and cheer routine music is assembled by KBRS.

As the years have passed, KBRS has evolved and expanded to keep up with changes in media and changes in what services are needed.  As a result, KBRS now offers Compact Disc duplication in not only music CDs, but in data formats, as well.  Limited DVD duplication is also available.  Another service that has been added is seminar and convention audio recording, with on-site duplication as well as mail-order fulfillment for orders placed after the event.

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